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to the website of Culture in Development - CiD for short. A website created as a result of extensive experience in different fields of culture, heritage and development.

The recognition of Culture as a key element in Development is increasing. We realize now that we missed the oppertunity to make Culture the 9th goal in the UN Millennium Development Goals project and help end poverty by 2015.

We will...

inform you on the services of Culture in Development 

  • our mission
  • who we are
  • how we approach our work
  • what we do
  • who our clients are

but we will also provide usefull information on

  1. Culture & Development discussion
  2. Looting discussion
  3. Heritage dossiers on Afghanistan, Haiti, Iraq
  4. Heritage Africa & Middle East, Asia, the Americas

Our job...

is to help you to preserve your heritage in whatever disastrous circumstances. Don't contact us too late because already today we can help you prepare for future calamities. Be prepared!


Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed… ignorance of each other's ways and lives has been a common cause, throughout the history of mankind, of that suspicion and mistrust between the peoples of the world through which their differences have all too often broken into war.