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If we couldn't Laugh at Ourselves, that would be the End
of everything
(Niels Bohr)

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Rene Teijgeler NV huis tuin_klein.jpgCulture in Development is an advise agency that  assists you to protect your cultural heritage. It was established by René Teijgeler in 1997 in the Netherlands after more than 25 years of experience and study in conservation and cultural heritage. Read René 's CV...

René‘s expertise and commitment lies in advising cultural institutions and authorities, especially in developing countries. Consulting on development projects he gained a clear understanding of international co-operation. To avoid an ethnocentric approach he successfully applies these insights to cultural heritage.

René knows all about disaster management. He wrote disaster preparedness plans for museums and libraries, and served for long periods of time as senior cultural advisor in war-ridden countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.

The great advantage of Culture in Development is that the person behind it holds degrees in conservation, sociology and anthropology, making him both at home in the social as well as the natural sciences.

René is among others a member of

  • Nedworc Association, Networking in Development Cooperation
  • UNESCO ICC Iraq, Sub-Committee for Libraries and Archives, and Sub-Committee on Babylon; UNESCO ICC Haiti
  • ICOMOS Netherlands
  • CIMIC (Cultural Affairs & Education)