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We can deny our Heritage and
our History,
but we cannot escape Responsibility
for the Results
(Edward R. Murrow)


Cultural Heritage

Not so long ago policy makers recognized that culture is imperative to any country in development, be it rich or poor. Even more recently politicians came to see that culture and heritage can make a valuble contribution to conflict resolution.


Culture and heritage is all around us. It is just for us to see, or rather recognize. Mankind produced (and still produces) many goods and fruits of their mind, which we enjoy every day. Only when it is gone we often appreciate how rich the world is we live in.


Many wonder Why cultural heritage is so important. It has the enormous power to join people of different backgrounds. In times of violence and unrest it can be a bridge to connect to eachother, to ‘the other’. Together people can discuss the shared symbols of their collective memory and consequently work together to rebuild their own identities.