Cultural Heritage & Development

The power of culture and heritage have long been undervalued. Together with Unesco Culture in Development finds that culture is imperative for the development of any society.  We consider Culture  and Heritage as  basic needs. 

Social development

Development actors worldwide have been made progressively aware of the interlinkages between culture and development. Before, cultural heritage was merely looked at as a source of income. Recognizing culture as a dynamic and transformative force, they seek to explore culture as an indicator and facilitator of social development. Today, its role as an active agent of social transformation has been increasingly recognized.

9th MDG

In 2000 the leaders of 189 countries agreed to deal with the most important world problems before 2015. They laid down 8 concrete goals: the  8 Millennium Development Goals (see more at UN). It is certainly a very nobel ambition, yet the politicians  forgot to give any prominence to Culture. Value systems, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles are known to hamper or disrupt the development of the poor. That is why Culture in Development feels that Culture should have been the 9th Millenium Development Goal.

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