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Culture in Development finds it of the utmost importance to stay informed of the latest developments in Culture, Heritage and Development.

To continuously expand our knowledge and stay well-informed we collect all kinds of news and information from a variety of, mainly electronic, sources: blogs, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, websites.


Like Culture in Development, heritage professionals all over the world would like to keep themselves abreast of new developments. For our colleagues in developing countries, however,  it is not always easy to stay in touch with these developments in their professions. Often due to lack of resources or open access. That is the reason why we decided to share our information and news items.


The information gathered is, of course, selected by us. We do not claim any objectivity nor do we claim to be exhaustive! Still, what we do republish is unaltered. The author, date and type of information is always given. And in case of a copy from a blog the original source is indicated as well. When appropriate permission for publication is asked.


If current events demand a special file - a Dossier- is created to facilitate the reader to follow the news on this event. Often Dossiers are created after a natural disaster that threatens the national or regional cultural heritage like the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti or more recently the tsunami in Japan. But also the recent uprisings and revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa was cause to create special files. Once the general interest on the topic decreases and hardly any news can be reported the Dossiers are moved to the Heritage files of that particular region.


To follow the discussions on specific subjects also special files - Discussing... - are generated. So far these are only on two subjects but they can easily be expanded in the course of time.


If you feel you can contribute to any of the news files, please do not hesitate to contact Culture in Development. Be assured we would be very happy with any input from our readers.