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The Status of Syrian Antiquities since the Beginning of the Crisis until Feb 1, 2013, and their Protection Measures

Official report of Syrian DGAM

Published on 7 February 2013

Author(s): DGAM

Type:  Report

The Directorate-General for Antiquities and Museums of Syria just published the following report:

The painful events taking place in Syria all through the current crisis have reflected negatively on the Syrian cultural heritage. However, the information being published pertaining to that does not very often match reality. On the contrary, it lacks objectivity as regards the status quo of the Syrian cultural heritage, and it depends upon exaggeration and propaganda at a critical time as we are in desperate need of accurate information. In addition, non-professional bodies are launching a prejudiced attack creating the impression that museums are being looted and the antiques are being stolen....

To read the full report follow this link...

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