Ancient Homer tablets the latest invaluable artifacts stolen in Syria

Mosaics depicting scenes from Homer?s epic poem The Odyssey.

Published on 19 February 2013

Author(s): NYDaily News/Jeva Lange

Type:  News

Meanwhile, things continue to be terrible in Syria. The latest: 18 irreplaceable ancient mosaics depicting scenes from Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey” have been stolen.

"We have been informed that these mosaics are now on the Syrian-Lebanese border," Minister of Culture Lubana Mushaweh said, reporting that the mosaics had been taken in an illegal excavation.

ancient homer tablets AFP.jpg

Photo AFP

Mushaweh went on to insist that the museums across the war-torn nation remain well guarded; UNESCO has appealed for protection of Syria’s cultural heritage and has six world heritage sites within its borders.

However, Mushaweh admitted that Syria’s cultural ministry faces great difficulties in "safeguarding 10,000 historical sites scattered around Syria.”

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