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Dossier Heritage Libya

Focus on training for the benefit of heritage professionals

UNESCO supports Libyan heritage with two million dollar project

Published on 3 February 2013

Focus on training for the benefit of heritage professionals

Published on 4 November 2012

Christie's thwarts plot to sell Libyan antiquities for Dubai auction

Rigorous procedures prevented auction house to sell illicit aretfacts

Published on 13 October 2012

Libyan shrines under attack

Three people had been killed and several others wounded in the town of Rajma

Published on 7 October 2012

The destruction of cultural and religious sites: a violation of human rights

Destruction of Sufi religious and historic sites in Libya

Published on 17 November 2011

Heritage Sites in Eastern Libya

2nd Mission to Benghazi, Cyrene, Ptolemais, Apollonia

Published on 4 November 2011

Expert: NATO raids spared Libyan antiquities

NATO achieved precision strikes

Published on 3 November 2011

Libya's historic treasures survive the revolution

More damage expected but even during eight months of war the archaeological sites were untouched

Published on 31 October 2011

Hunt on for Libya's looted treasure

Coins from Benghazi bank looted

Published on 13 October 2011

Interpol confirms Libyan treasure was looted

Stolen treasure never been displayed in Libya

Head sold at Christie?s stolen from Libya

Italian buyer has voluntarily relinquished the work

Published on 30 September 2011

Libyan World Heritage Sites Safe

Emergency assessment mission

Published on 22 September 2011

UNESCO to resume cooperation with Libya

UNESCO is preparing a meeting on Libya?s rich cultural heritage

Published on 21 September 2011

A Call to Protect Libyan Antiquities and Cultural Heritage and Economy

Statement on Libya from archaeological community

Published on 20 September 2011

Published on 16 September 2011

British forces sink Libya ship near Zawiyah

NATO attacks but no heritage damage

Published on 15 September 2011

Published on 11 September 2011

The future of Libyan heritage

Discussing Libya's heritage future

Published on 7 September 2011

Libya combs priceless ruins for war damage

I want to know what happened, says archaeologist

Published on 5 September 2011

Published on 3 September 2011

Libya's other wealth: Archaeological treasures

The post-conflict moment is very risky

Published on 1 September 2011

Published on 30 August 2011

Published on 29 August 2011

L'inquiétude grandit autour du patrimoine libyen

Cinq sites de Libye classés au patrimoine mondial de l'humanité

Letter from Tripoli

Journalist slips in the Libya Museum

Published on 26 August 2011

Watch out for looted Libyan artefacts, UN warns auction houses

Parts of Libya's cultural heritage have been threatened before

Libyas Islamic Museum Overrun By Rebels

Saif Gaddafi, Libya's Cultural Ambassador still At Large

Published on 25 August 2011

Saif Gaddafi's Islamic art museum at a standstill

Not to open to celebrate Colonel Gaddafi?s rise to power

Published on 22 July 2011

Published on 17 July 2011

Libya's World Heritage Sites in danger

Leptis Magna, a prominent city of the Roman Empire, are in danger

Published on 15 July 2011

UNESCO urges NATO, Gaddafi to protect Libya's cultural heritage

NATO and Gaddafi incited to protect heritage

Published on 15 June 2011

£130,000 art feared lost after mob attack on the UK embassy in Tripoli

Art works believed to have been looted or destroyed

Published on 14 June 2011

Cultural agency calls on Libyans and NATO to protect heritage sites

Old Town of Ghadamès was shelled by Government forces

With Roman Ruins Under Threat, Libya's Ancient Past Presses Against Its Present

Claim Gaddafi troops have stashed rocket launchers on Leptis Magna

South African president blasts NATO actions in Libya (extract)

NATO refused to say whether it would bomb ancient Roman ruins

Published on 11 June 2011

Gaddafi troops surround Libyan city after clashes

Gaddafi's forces also shelled world heritage-listed city Gadamis

Published on 6 June 2011

Libya revolt spares 'Athens of Africa', but kills tourism

Last year, 10,000 tourists came to visit Cyrene

Published on 26 May 2011

Libya's mountain Berber see opportunity in war

Berber seek to revive identity denied under Gaddafi

Published on 3 April 2011

Libyan Archaeological Sites

Put together by Pleiades

Published on 28 March 2011

Libya's ancient heritage sites suffer from neglect

There's been investment in oil, but none at all in tourism

Published on 23 March 2011

UN chief condemns ongoing use of force in western Libya

Libya and the allies must respect the Hague Convention

Published on 21 March 2011

UNESCO World Heritage Sites at risk in Libya

Important Roma settlements in Libya

Published on 2 March 2011

Libya's 'extraordinary' archaeology under threat

Unrest in Lybia may effect their sites