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Dossier Heritage Greece

Published on 7 January 2013

Greece Pushes UNESCO On Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is the mirror of a country's history

Published on 13 October 2012

Published on 24 April 2012

Greek police search Switzerland for artefacts stolen from Olympia museum

Artefacts stolen from the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Switzerland?

Published on 22 April 2012

Report blames security flaws for Athens Picasso heist

Museum did not fulfill the security conditions

Published on 13 April 2012

Capitalist Austerity Destroying Ancient Cultural Heritages

Greece is Ground Zero of the austerity onslaught

Published on 28 March 2012

Are Greece's Ancient Treasures Under Threat?

Monuments have no voice. They need yours

Published on 27 March 2012

Published on 15 March 2012

Published on 13 March 2012

Greek antiquities threatened by austerity plan

Culture and archeology has been underfunded for a long time anyhow

Published on 12 March 2012

Greek Archaeologists Plead for Help to Protect Heritage Amid Austerity

Budget cuts of archaeological service by 35%

Published on 4 March 2012

Greece: Antiquities Safer in the Ground

Officials have decided to rebury the treasures

Published on 23 February 2012

Published on 22 February 2012

Published on 21 February 2012

Ancient Greek sites could soon be available for rent

Available for rent: The Acropolis

Published on 20 February 2012

Published on 19 February 2012

Published on 17 February 2012

Published on 15 February 2012

Art and Antiquities Crime Up 30% in Greece

Economic financial crisis and crime

Published on 13 February 2012

Athens Burns

Historic buildings burned

Published on 11 February 2012

Art heist robs Greece of a sense of security

Burglars broke in the National Gallery and stole paintings