City promotes sustainable cultural growth

Focus on sustainable development

Published on 20 February 2012

Author(s): Viet Nam News

Type:  News

HCM City has outlined a plan to develop culture, sports and tourism for the 2011-20 period that focuses on sustainable development.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced at a press conference on Friday in the city that one of its main tasks for the period would be to create "an advanced and civilised society" as well as preserve and promote the country's cultural and traditional values.

In sports, it will promote sports education in schools and expand sport movements in public, in addition to creating policies to train well-qualified coaches and excellent athletes. Sport unions will also be improved.

It also said that construction on the Rach Chiec Sport Complex in District 2 would be sped up.

As for the tourism industry, the department will continue to improve sustainable tourism development, enhancing quality and diversifying tourism products.

The department will also develop strategies to build trademarks for the city tourism industry and create programmes to attract investment in tourism.

Under the plan, the organisation of activities in culture, sports and tourism must be economical and ensure social security and order.

The department will also focus on developing human resources in the three fields.

According to the department, favourable conditions for investment will be created to attract funds for culture, sports and tourism development.

Management and inspection of activities related to culture, sports and tourism will be strengthened as well.

In addition, the department will enhance administrative reform to improve the quality of management and prevent corruption.

It will also complete ongoing programmes that will offer financial assistance to athletes and artists who have made contributions to culture, sports and tourism.

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