Ratification of the Charter for the African Cultural Renaissance by Congo

Number 4 that ratified

Published on 30 September 2012

Author(s): OCPA Newsletter

Type:  News No 300, 26 September 2012

Following Mali Nigeria and Senegal, on 11 August 2012 the Republic of Congo deposited with the AUC its instruments of ratification of the Charter for the African Cultural Renaissance adopted in 2006.

Thus the number of the African State Parties of the Charter has increased to 4. The Charter shall come into force upon receipt by the Commission of the African Union of the instruments of ratification and adhesion from two-thirds of the total membership of the African Union. Out of the 53 Member States 26 have already signed the document. See List of States Parties

NB: As it appears from the concept note of the 4th Session of the Conference of the AU Ministers of Culture (see Highlights above) it is now envisaged to prolonge until 2014 the AUC Campaign for the ratification and promotion of the Charter initially foreseen for 2010 – 2012.

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