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Discussing Looting

International Conference on Protection of Cultural Property in Asia

Live Blogging from Bhutan

Published on 18 February 2013

International Conference on Protection of Cultural Property in Asia

Published on 15 February 2013

Amid hope of restitution, Nigeria hosts foreign museums

Desire that the gift inaugurates fruitful dialogue

Published on 13 February 2013

Antiques shop raid nets loot stolen from Siem Reap pagoda

Undercover Heritage Protection officers detained two men

Published on 29 January 2013

France returns smuggled Nok artefacts to Nigeria

Finally Nok statues return home

Published on 21 January 2013

Turkey wages 'cultural war' in pursuit of its archaeological treasures

Turkey has threatened to bar foreign archaeologists from excavation sites

Published on 8 January 2013

MUDP urges police to uncover art theft

International art theft syndicate suspected of stealing of sacred religious objects and art

Published on 4 January 2013

Study Reveals Looting of Archaeological Sites as Massive Global Problem

Archaeologists report the issue of looting as widespread and frequent

Published on 11 November 2012

Why do people steal art?

Art heists are a staple of action movies

20 Detained in connection with Rewa museum heist

One quintal of silver and other valuables stolen

Published on 8 November 2012

First wrecked, now pillaged: Vietnam?s underwater treasure

Vietnam struggles to preserve its underwater cultural heritage

Published on 4 November 2012

Antique Cannons Stolen in Yemen

Stolen in front of provincial HQ

Published on 14 October 2012

Published on 13 October 2012

Published on 11 October 2012

Published on 10 October 2012

Art theft hits Angola

One of three of the Baton Rouge landmark painted by an inmate

Published on 8 October 2012

Tomb raiders spoil Philippine archaeological find

Treasure hunters had been there before

Cambodia Is Seeking 2nd Statue

Judge cast doubt on whether the government could prevail in its effort to seize the work

Published on 4 October 2012

Seeking Return of Art, Turkey Jolts Museums

Campaign called cultural blackmail

Turkey Makes a Grab for Extant Antiquities

Reclaim allegedly looted cultural property

Published on 19 May 2012

Turkey gets tough with foreign museums and launches a new culture war

Turkey's cultural ambitions - of marbles and men

Published on 17 May 2012

Published on 6 May 2012

Six Torah Scrolls Stolen from Tzfat Synagogue

Old City of Tzfas has a history of robberies

Published on 3 May 2012

Published on 24 April 2012

Published on 23 April 2012

Gold plaques from temple on Dongsha stolen from safe

269 Gold plaques stolen from temple

Published on 9 April 2012

Turkey's Archaeology Blackmail

Turkey blocks the export of museum exhibits

Published on 15 March 2012

Menil Byzantine frescoes en route to Cyprus

Largest Byzantine frescoes in the Western Hemisphere were removed

Turkey blocks loans to US and UK

Firstly, resolve the issue of disputed antiquities

Published on 12 March 2012

Artifacts looted from shipwreck

Declare shipwreck area a cultural and heritage site to help prevent the looting

Recovering lost treasures

Practice of returning looted artefacts

Published on 11 March 2012

Antiques' thieves gang busted in Mumbai

Photos taken for future clients

Published on 22 February 2012

Published on 31 January 2012

Captain Gunter's "loot": Antiquities from China's Summer Palace continue to sell at auction

Stolen, Plundered, Contraband, Spoils of war, Ransacked, Pillaged, or????

Published on 28 January 2012

Goa police investigating burglary at Christian museum

Security guard murdered before raiding museum

Published on 8 December 2011

Facebook helps find local stolen artwork

New idea to get painting back

Published on 7 December 2011

Looted Korean Texts Return Home from Japan

After 100 years Royal Archive returns home

Published on 5 December 2011

Queens crown snatched from museum in Madagascar

Break in and gone is the 19th century Madagascan queens crown

Published on 3 December 2011

Conference at the American Academy in Rome

Should museums continue to collect antiquities?

Published on 16 October 2011

Pakistan's cultural heritage not for sale

Christie's has halted a planned auction this month of a fasting Buddha

Published on 15 October 2011

Published on 13 October 2011

Paris museum returns mummified Maori heads

Quai Branly Museum not to return other artefacts

Stolen Artifact Returned To Belize

Polychrome Maya bowl returned from the USA

Published on 10 October 2011

Published on 4 October 2011

Turkish PM requests stolen tiles from France

Sarkozy:tiles gift of the sultans to the French government

Published on 23 September 2011

Looters plunder $8.5M from Ivory Coast museum

Robbers loot museum during political crisis earlier this year