Goa police investigating burglary at Christian museum

Security guard murdered before raiding museum

Published on 28 January 2012

Author(s): Babu Thomas/Christian Today

Type:  News

Police are investigating after burglars murdered a security guard before raiding a Christian museum in Goa.

The shocking incident took place in the Museum of Christian Art which is located in the Convent of Santa Monica, Old Goa, in the vicinity of World Heritage Monuments.

The thieves reportedly broke in after attacking and killing the 55-year-old security guard who was found in a pool of blood outside the museum.

Old Goa inspector Edwin Colaco told media that the police have arrested four suspects, all security guards.

Among the items stolen include a bracelet of gold, a gold belt studded with diamonds, and a pectoral cross of diamond.

One of its kind in Asia, the museum displays and preserves posterity religious artefacts and precious items of silver and gold, ancient bibles, statues and paintings pertaining to the Portuguese period of Christianity in India.

According to the police, no artefact or statue seems to have been stolen. The burglary is reported to have taken place between 6pm and 8pm.

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