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Antiques' thieves gang busted in Mumbai

Photos taken for future clients

Published on 11 March 2012

Author(s): The Times of India

Type:  News

Mumbai police arrested six persons who planned to steal antique furniture from a museum in Chandor-Salcete.

The accused had clicked photographs of the furniture in the museum using their cell phones and showed it to prospective buyers in Mumbai. The western region special squad arrested five accused-Krishna Ray, 24, Bholanath Prajapati, 23, Majid Khan, 25, Amjad Qureshi, 28, and Rahul Vaisha, 22, in Khar on Wednesday..

"The accused revealed that they had clicked photos of antique furniture to show to prospective buyers," police said.

Gang leader Sher Ali Khan, 28, was arrested on March 8. The accused confessed that they had stolen antique rosewood furniture from bungalows in Goa since the last few years and sold them in Mumbai. When the gang visited Goa, they would check in at hotels and scout around old bungalows, for which they would hire bikes locally. They would commit the burglary at night, police said. "We suspect that they have some accomplices in Goa who helped them commit the burglary," said a senior police officer.

Goa police are in touch with Mumbai police to verify if the arrested accused were involved in Goa's biggest robbery, in which antique items valued at crores of rupees was stolen from the Museum of Christian Art on January 25. The museum's security guard was also killed during the robbery.

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