Antique Cannons Stolen in Yemen

Stolen in front of provincial HQ

Published on 4 November 2012

Author(s): Yemen Post

Type:  News Originally popsted 23 Oct 2012

Unknown people stole two antique cannons from in front of the headquarters of Yemen's eastern province of Hadramout on Tuesday, in an unprecedented crime that came as the country is struggling to cope with an alarming security disorder deepened by the latest developments.

The state news agency Saba quoted the police department in Hadramout as wondering about stealing the cannons, which had been placed at the provincial HQ for a very long time.

"Three soldiers of those who were in charge of watching the cannons have been suspended on the crime," the police was quoted as saying.

An investigation has been launched and the authorities will spare no effort to bring the people who were behind this unprecedented crime, the police added.

Yemeni cities including the capital Sanaa have been experiencing an alarming security disorder that remains part of the big challenges faced in the country since unrest erupted early last year.
Separately, the interior ministry has ordered to recover 100 oil and gas trucks which have been seized by tribesmen in the Rada town, Baidha, for several days.

The ministry did not reported that an order had been given to remove the tribal barricade but did not state why the tribesmen held the trucks.

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