Six Historic Relics Handed Over To Dr. Raheen

Security department catches looters

Published on 18 September 2011

Author(s): Bakhtar news Agency

Type:  News

The relics which were recovered by the personnel of national security department were handed over yesterday to Dr. Sayed Makhdom Raheen Minister of information and Culture which were delivered to the National Museum.

A function held, Fakhri deputy head of national security department said that these relics were seized from the smugglers in Kabul and were delivered to the ministry for enrichment of National Museum.

According to Fakhri three persons have been arrested in this connection. Dr. Raheen said that four relics may be original but two others may not original ones which are made of marble stone.

Minister Raheem recieves stolen statues.jpg
Minister Raheen receives the stolen statues

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