Afghan students graduate in Arts & Crafts

The Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture: First Graduating Class in December 2009

Published on 7 March 2010

Author(s): Turquoise Mountain newsletter 2010

Type:  News

The mission of Turquoise Mountain is to regenerate Afghanistan’s traditional crafts and historic areas, and in so doing create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of national identity. The first class of the Schools of Woodwork, Ceramics, and Calligraphy & Painting graduated last December

This December (2009), the Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture graduates its first class: thirty two students from its Schools of Woodwork, Ceramics, and Calligraphy & Painting. This is an important milestone in the life of the Institute, and a crucial step in the graduating students’ artistic careers.

The Institute is Afghanistan’s only City & Guilds-accredited vocational institution, and one of only a handful in the wider region. The students therefore graduate with internationally recognised certificates, which provide them with important benefits as they seek successful careers in the arts. In this first year, five students are graduating with Level 3 certification, the highest City & Guilds qualification attainable, which means they are eligible for higher education anywhere in the world. Twenty seven students are graduating with Level 2 certification, signifying that they have attained a level of craftsmenship that qualifies them to work in arts
and crafts sectors worldwide. Moreover, every one of these students has been given the option to return after graduation and study for Level 3 in the Institute.

❊ Turquoise Mountain has designed a comprehensive Graduate Opportunities Programme, which is ensuring that all of our graduates find employment or further study in Afghanistan and abroad. We aim for all students to have secured a strong job position by March 2010.
❊ For the very best students, exciting opportunities abroad await. For example, Basira, a 3rd year woodwork student, is applying for a special 8 month apprenticeship

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