The Egyptian Flag between The Church and The Mosque

Video for peace

Published on 17 September 2011

Author(s): Orian 2007

Type:  video - 1.14 Min. Published on May 11, 2011

I am one of the witnesses and the first one to shoot a clip after bombing Elkedessen church Alexandria Egypt within 3 mins.

It was a very hard experince for me ..... just imagine moving over dead bodies anyway The flag clip.

It's not about Christian and Muslims, It's about being safe while praying or walking through the streets.

After the Egyptian revolution in el Tahrir Square, The church made a big flag connecting the church to the mosque.

To show every body that Egypt is not a place for Christians or Muslims only but it's a country for THE EGPTIANS.

To watch the video please click on the picture below.

Egypt flag.jpg

(The church is the El Kedessen Church in Alexandria)

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