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Egypt: Minister of Antiquities - 6,000 Artifacts Restored From Israel

Negotiations ongoing to retrieve artifacts from Belgium, France and the US

Published on 21 February 2012

Author(s): All Africa/Egypt State Information Service

Type:  News

Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said that as many as 6,000 artifacts have been restored from Israel. Ibrahim was responding to inquiries from members of the People's Assembly Culture, Media and Tourism Committee on Monday 20/2/2012.

The Antiquities Ministry is holding negotiations to retrieve a host of artifacts from Belgium, France and the US, he added.

He also said that the Egyptian antiquities which are abroad were out of the country according to the law which allowed the sharing of 50 %of the artifacts discovered between Egypt and foreign exploration missions.

He further said that the law was changed to reduce the proportion of the division to only five percent of the foreign mission and then abolished completely in proportion to the effects of the law passed last year.

All the warehouses of antiquities are fully secured, noting that only 2 percent of the artifacts were stolen during the state of lawlessness which prevailed in the country, he added.

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