Photographic record of Coptic sites

Recording sites through photography

Published on 23 April 2012

Author(s): Flickr/ Howard Middleton-Jones

Type:  Photo records

In an effort to bring forth an interest and development of the Coptic sites in Egypt towards a potential assessment for Heritage sites, I have two on-going Photographic surveys of two important sites on the West Bank Aswan, Qubbat el-Hawa and St Simeons (Anba Hadra).

The ruins of the Coptic Church and monastic site at Elephantine Aswan Egypt. The ruins are integrated within and around the 6th Dynasty Tombs of the Nobles. This is an overview of a photographic record - continually updated. To go to the website and see more photos on Elephantine Aswan (37 in total and taken November 2011), click on the picture below.


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