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Heritage Iraq

Plunder seems to continue

Iraq's rich history tempts relic smugglers

Published on 4 November 2012

Plunder seems to continue

Published on 18 October 2012

Published on 13 October 2012

Published on 17 May 2012

Iraq battle pits oil against antiquities

Cooperation between ministeries is missing badly

Published on 11 May 2012

Postcard from Iraq: Dancing, singing left out of celebration of culture in post-Saddam Iraq

Trying to bring back normalcy by reviving a spring cultural festival

Published on 21 April 2012

Published on 5 March 2012

Whitehall issues sanctions warning following Saddam statue sale

Government warning for the sale of war trophies

Published on 30 January 2012

Published on 15 December 2011

Published on 5 December 2011

Ancient Assyrian stone slabs returned to Iraq

Slabs from Nineveh returned from Switzerland

Published on 23 October 2011

After Long Hiatus, Iraq Museum to Open Its Doors

Museum will reopen in November

Published on 23 August 2011

Biblical city of Nineveh under threat in Iraq

One of the greatest cities of the ancient world may soon be lost

Published on 20 August 2011

More stolen antiquities found in Iraq's Mosul

Relics were found following a security operation

Published on 21 July 2011

Iraq harnesses technology to protect ancient treasures

It's going to help people have more respect for their cultural heritage

Published on 7 July 2011

Iraqi Antiquities Returned

Terracotta plaques and other artifacts seized during a 2006 investigation

U.S. returns artifacts, Hussein-era objects to Iraq

U.S. investigators tracked down the most recent finds as part of four separate investigations

Published on 5 July 2011

Antique gold pot handed to Iraq

Original pot dates back to the third century B.C.

Published on 20 June 2011

Spain to return Iraqi antiquities gratis - Ambassador

38 Iraqi antiquities to be returned

Published on 19 June 2011

Interview de Romain Bolzinger - Trafic d'art

Trafic d'art : le trésor de guerre du terrorisme

Published on 21 March 2011

New Hope for Lost Works of Modern Art from Iraq

Modern Art Iraq Archive is to map out the modern art?s development in Iraq

Published on 17 March 2011

Tribute to Donny George

Only good memerories

Published on 4 March 2011

Iraqi forces use water cannon to disperse protests

Iraqis protest for a second consecutive Friday

Published on 25 February 2011

Defending education in times of war and occupation

First day on culture and heritage

Published on 18 February 2011

Iraq tries to soothe anger as Mideast unrest grows

Nationwide rallies echo Mideast uprisings

Published on 9 February 2011

Germany returns antique battleaxe to Iraq

Discovered already in 2004

Published on 7 February 2011

Published on 2 January 2011

A Tour of Iraq's Ancient Sites

The war has long put Iraq?s ancient historic and religious sites off limits

A Triage to Save the Ruins of Babylon

Ruins at Ur and Nimrud are also getting more attention

Published on 22 December 2010

Stolen Iraqi artefacts seized in Germany, but sellers to go free

Provenance problems leads to freeing the sellers

Published on 8 December 2010

Archaeological site looting

The destruction of cultural heritage in Southern Iraq

Published on 1 December 2010

Iraq: destruction to landmarks in the cities

How Iraq modernizes the country

Published on 31 October 2010

Iraqi Jewish documents remain in limbo

Still no solution to Iraqi-Jewish Archives held in the US

Published on 21 September 2010

Published on 20 September 2010

Iraq finds missing artifacts in premier's storage

Artefacts in kitchen prime-minister

Published on 7 September 2010

542 antiquities looted in Iraq war return home. Where are the rest?

Looted objects found through a combination of Iraqi and American efforts

Published on 31 August 2010

Published on 26 August 2010

Iraq 'bleeding antiquities' as instability continues

Precise figures are hard to establish

Published on 12 August 2010

Donny George and Kuwait

Controversy on Kuwait Museum and its treasures

Published on 2 July 2010

Museum helps save Iraqi treasures

More support for the Iraq Museums

Published on 27 June 2010

Iraq's Ancient Ruins Face New Looting

Still a thriving business

Published on 21 June 2010

Kuwait's lost treasures

How stolen riches remain central to rift with Iraq

Published on 3 June 2010

'Cultural cleansing' of Iraq?

Why Museums were Looted, Libraries Burned and Academics Murdered

Published on 26 May 2010

Iraq Says Antiquities Ring Busted

Four member gang caught red-handed

Published on 24 May 2010

Iraqis in tune with peaceful melodies of orchestra

More musicians return to Iraq and join orchestra

Published on 10 May 2010

Published on 8 May 2010

Babylon ruins torn between preservation and profit

Iraq, heritage and politics. Governor against the State Board of Anitquities

Published on 1 May 2010

Looters show no sign of stopping

In Wasit Province organized crime groups continue looting sites

Virtual Version of National Museum of Iraq not the Real Thing!

Italian team created a website entitled 'The Virtual Museum of Iraq'

Virtual Version of National Museum of Iraq not the Real Thing!

Italian team created a website entitled 'The Virtual Museum of Iraq'

Published on 28 April 2010