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Yamagata Network's Activity Report & Objective! Part 5

Activities of the Yamagata Network

Published on 17 May 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

About our efforts as from April 24th

[The last week’s activity report]

1. On April 25th, we carried out the rescue operation for damaged historical materials in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, cooperating with the Miyagi Network for Preserving Historical Materials and the Network for Historical Materials from Kobe. These rescued materials were transferred to Yamagata City.

2. As from April 26th, we started the preservation measures for the damaged materials which were rescued on 25th April. As of the present(April 29th), we are continuing this operation, and we will keep doing so. In addition, we arranged how to execute this operation hereafter.

3. We required the members of the Yamagata Network to search and arrange the spaces which could store the rescued materials. We have already received 2 offers.

4. On April 28th, one of our members participated in the rescue operation in the northern area of Fukushima Prefecture.

5. We arranged the group for making the lantern slide, and decided that the first meeting will be held on May 2nd.

6. We are gathering information from the institutions which are concerned with the cultural properties and the Network for Preserving Historical Materials in each area about their activities, and relaying details to our members from time to time.

[This week’s Objective]

1. We will continue to negotiate and arrange with people concerninghow to carry out the urgent measures for damaged materials and where these materials can be stored.

2. We will prepare to support the rescue operation in each devastated area.

3. We will hold the regular meeting on May 13th, so we will prepare for it.

4. We will handle some remaining paperwork issues.

From the blog of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage

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