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Yamagata Network's Activity Report & Objective! Part 7

Activities of the Yamagata Network

Published on 28 May 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

About our efforts as from May 8th


In this week also, every member made an effort acting in their own field, racking their brains, and developing our activities. At the same time, I could feel that our activities were supported by many people. The forefront is not the only battle field. Our activity essentially needs depth. In Fukushima Prefecture, sufferers have to start the second evacuation from the radioactive problem. We appreciate your support and cooperation for both the devastated areas and our rescue operations.

[Last week’s activity report]

1. On May 9th, we transferred the historical materials whose urgent treatment had finished, from Tohoku University of Arts and Design to Yonezawa Women’s Junior College. 3 members participated.

2. On May 10th, we rescued the historical materials concerned with Rikuzentakada City, Iwate Prefecture cooperating with the institution concerned. 3 members participated.

3. For 3 hours on the evening of May 10th, we carried out the urgent measures with 30 members who were the students of Tohoku Uni of Arts and Design and voluntary workers.

4. We requested the members living in Tokyo to participate in the urgent assembling of The Historical Science Society of Japan on May 22nd.

5. We held a regular meeting on May 12th. 20 members participants.

6. The group making lantern slide finished their project. The first edition is now available to use. At the same time, we appreciate you pointing out any mistakes and problems, whenever you like. Also, we will send the data of these slides so please contact me.

7. This week, students of the Tohoku Uni of Arts and Design are carrying out the cleaning operation on the damaged documents. We acknowledge their efforts.

8. The Murayama Folklore Society cooperated with us to promote our fund-raising campaign. We would like to express our gratitude to them.

9. As of the present, we gathered 555,000 yen of contributions in total. Of which we have already disbursed 110,672 yen on rescue operations in Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures. Thank you for your cooperation.

[This week’s objective]

1. We will negotiate how to manage the temporary preservation space in Yonezawa Women’s Junior College on May 16th. In addition, we will hold a briefing session.

2. We will advertise for volunteers to carry out the cleaning operation.

3. We will discuss with people about establishing a system to support the preservation operation for the historical materials in Rikuzentakada City, Iwate Prefecture.

4. We received offers to rescue utensils from the Preserving Network of Niigata and Saitama. Therefore we will consult on how to accept them.

5. We will develop our publicity activities about the Yamagata Network’s activities in the variety of lectures or events. We will discuss about the method and how to concretely perform it.

6. We will prepare for the regular June meeting. If possible, we plan to hold an extensive one.

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