The Present Condition Report

From the Fukushima Network

Published on 7 June 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

From the May 13th blog of the Fukushima Network for Preserving Historical Materials

We had coped with a lot of matters which had intensively occurred right before the Golden Week holidays, therefore we couldn’t update this website. We sincerely apologise to the registrants of our Network not to send the periodical newsletters. As for the cleaning operation of the historical documents from 7th to 8th of May, many voluntary workers had assembled from distance and participated in our activities. We would express our gratitude to them.

Anyway, recently the number of the requests from the press who want to report the rescue operation of the cultural properties in the devastated area is significantly increasing. However we are merely a voluntary institution so we don’t have any authority to accept their interviews without the approval of the owners. We appreciate the press to understand in this point.

The following is a simple report about our main activity in the devastated area. Please respect our policy of avoiding publishing the concrete place or owner’s name in terms of the crime preservation and concern for the owners sentiments.

[April 16th] Fukushima Prefectural Museum rescued the old archives and the traditional utensils in Iwaki City. Participants were 4 officers of the museum.

[April 21st] The archaeological artefacts were rescued from the repository which was affected in the southern area of Fukushima Prefecture. Participants were the officers of the local Board of Education, 3 members of the Yamagata Relief Network for Preserving Cultural Heritage and 12 members of the Fukushima Network.

[April 22nd] 2 officers of the local Board of Education and a member of Fukushima Network investigated the damaged historical materials in the northern area of Prefecture.

[April 28th] The historical documents, administrative documents, and old traditional utensils affected in the northern area of Prefecture were rescued. Participants were the officers of the local Board of Education, 6 local voluntary workers, 1 member of the Yamagata Network and 11members of the Fukushima Network.

[April 30th] The operation for searching and sorting historical materials damaged by the Tsunami in Iwaki City was carried out by 5 members of the conference for the town development and 4 members of the Fukushima Network.

[May 6th] We coordinated various affairs with institutions concerned in Iwaki City, and continuously searched and sorted the historical materials. Participants were 7 members of institutions concerned and 1 member of the Fukushima Network.

[From 7th to 8th of May] In Fukushima Prefectural Museum, we carried out the cleaning operation of old historical documents and traditional utensils which had been rescued by the museum. Participants were totally 11 voluntary workers from Hyogo(1), Shizuoka(1), Tokyo(1), Niigata(2), Yamagata(2), and Fukushima(4).

[May 8th] In Iwaki City, we rescued old fine arts and traditional utensils. Participants were 2 members of the owner’s family, 2 officers of Government Agency for Cultural Affairs, a prefectural officer, 2 members of the Conference for town development, 3 members of local municipal office, and 3 members of the Fukushima Network.

[May 10th] We did a presentation about the meaning of Fukushima Network’s activities at the Conference for the people who have a duty preserving cultural properties in each municipal office by the Prefectural Board of Education. The participant from the Fukushima Network was a person engaged in coordinating volunteer workers.

[May 11th] 2 officers of the Culture Promotion Organization of Fukushima Prefecture carried out the field survey of the traditional utensils and fine arts affected in the northern area of the Prefecture. In addition, the volunteer coordinator was interviewed by the Fukushima FM radio.

[May 12th] The secretarial officer of the Fukushima Network visited 2 local news bureaus to appeal for the preservation of historical materials. Our preservation activity was reported from 4:11pm to 4:18pm on Fukushima FM.

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