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From the Fukushima Network

Published on 10 June 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

From the May 30th blog of the Fukushima Network for Preserving Historical Materials

The activities of the Fukushima Network for Preserving Historical Materials are supported by the people’s good intentions. We would like to thank you again.

With regard to the situation as of May 22nd, they remain as we had already reported. Afterward, our activities have advanced as follows.

[From 24th to 25th of May] The officers of Fukushima Prefectural Historical Museum were sent out to remove the historical documents which had been privately owned in the northern area of the prefecture for temporary evacuation.

[May 25th] The officers of the Fukushima Prefectural Museum were sent out for grasping the present condition of the damaged historical documents in the southern area of the prefecture.

[May 27th] For reporting the present situation in Fukushima, Mr Kikuchi as a representative of the Fukushima Network attended the Committee for buried properties of the Japanese Archaeological Association.

As from abovementioned activities, although the urgent requests have ceased, it doesn’t mean that the rescue operations for the historical materials which remain on the edge of oblivion has finished. We have piles of unsolved work on how to cope with the materials in the ‘Controlled Zone’ or ‘Planned Evacuation Zone’. We are still facing the difficult situation of not being able to grasp the full extent of the materials,’ so we appreciate to receive your information from here on.

Our present issues are as follows.

1. the shortage of the institutions which can respond to the urgent dispatch

2. how to share the responsibilities with administrative institutions

3. how to secure the space for preserving and tidying historical materials

The ability to contain materials at the Fukushima Prefectural Museum and Fukushima Prefectural Historical Museum have a limitation. In the conference for inaugurators which was held on May 15th, we agreed with the upcoming course that will advertise for volunteers such as students or other people and will advance to the second stage operation for the historical materials which had been rescued before, as soon as we can secure the spaces for preserving and tidying them.

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