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Yamagata Network's Activity Report & Objective! Part 9

Activities of the Yamagata Network

Published on 16 June 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

From the blog of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage

About our activities as from May 22nd


Seasons never stop passing by. Let’s save power and prepare for the oncoming activities.

[Last week’s activity report]

1. On May 22nd, the Lunch time urgent coordinating committee concerned with the East Japan Earthquake was held in the meeting place of the Historical Science Society of Japan in Tokyo, and joined together with the Network for Preserving Historical materials of Miyagi, Fukushima and Kobe. Mr. Shinobu Araki who was a member of the Tokyo Branch also participated and reported our present condition.

2. On May 23rd, some of the damaged materials at Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School were transferred to the Yonezawa Women’s Junior College (hereafter, YWJC). The management of the preservation of the materials by the students of YWJC had started. They would mainly manage the degree of temperature and humidity.

3. On May 24th, the cleaning operation in the evening was carried out in Tohoku University of Arts and Design (hereafter, TUAD).

4-1. On May 25th, the rescue materials from Niigata reached our place. The packing materials which were offered from the Niigata Prefectural Museum of History and Niigata City History Museum were transferred to the Yamagata Prefecture.

4-2. We held the meeting about how to start and manage the cleaning operations in YWJC for speeding up the coming work, we discussed whether our activity could be started in the Okitama area in Yonezawa City. 4 members participated in the meeting.

4-3. The school diaries and old archives which were owned by Rikuzentakada City Museum and had been left there after the rescue operation on May 11th were cleaned up and transferred to the refrigerated house near Sendai Airport. This activity was conducted with the people from Kitakami and Rikuzentakada, and members of the Iwate and Kobe Networks. We offered 3 bottles of ethanol, vinyl sheets and packing materials to Rikuzentakada City.

5. May 26th, we carried out the cleaning operation in the evening in TUAD, and held the meeting about purchasing the materials for the operation in YWJC, to offer the rescue materials to Miyagi and Kobe Network’s activity on May 30th, and the rescue of the botanical specimens from Rikuzentakada City Museum.

6. On May 27th, we arranged to receive the rescue materials from each place.

[This week’s objective]

1. On May 30th, we will offer the rescue materials for the operation in Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School.
2. On May 31th, we will carry out the cleaning operation in TUAD.
3. On June 2nd, we will carry out the cleaning operation in TUAD.
4. We will hold the meeting about the operation which we will try to start on Jun 3rd.
5. We will do some preparation for the regular meeting on June.

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