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Yamagata Network's Activity Report & Objective! Part 3

Activities of the Yamagata Network

Published on 1 May 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

About our effort as from April 10th

[The last week’s activity report]

1. On March 11th, we carried out the first regular meeting and discussed various matters as follows; (a) We will formulate some teams and every team would work for each individual operation. (b) we will establish the system to boost a fund-raising campaign in stages. (c) We will set out a team which coordinates the operations on the whole. I apologise for my poor facilitation of discussions as usual, I can only put this down to being a little taken aback that more than 30 members joined the meeting, and I had never thought that so many people would come.

2. We have already bought the security items and some materials for the rescue operation, and prepared for upcoming activities.

3. We are gathering information from the institutions which are concerned with the cultural properties and the Network for Preserving Historical Materials in each area about their activities, and relaying details to our members from time to time.

[This week’s objective]

1. It was urgently decided that we will enter the devastated area with a few members for a day so as to plan the next activities on 21st April. I will report it on another day.

2. In order to serve as a PR activity for the Yamagata Network, we plan to establish a team which will make the lantern slide and will start to regulate it.

3.We will work towards saving up to buy some materials and find the suitable place to store them. We will deeply appreciate your cooperation in providing such spaces if and when required.

4. Because the preserving operations by each area’s Network have already are active, we will communicate with each other.

[The Requests]

1. The activities of the Yamagata Network will be basically carried out as volunteer work, whether it will be in the devastated area or in the places we will support. Therefore, if you plan to participate in our activity, please take suitable insurance for your voluntary work as soon as possible. This kind of insurance should also cover any accidents on the way to the devastation zone.

2. Please prepare the steel-capped boots or other such sturdy shoes, and your own equipment for rescue operations.

3. If you have any advice or specific plans regarding the upcoming activities, please mention them to us. It will in turn lead to the secretariat office working more smoothly together with the other members.

[The Other Report]

I am working in Takahata Town in Yamagata Prefecture as a municipal officer for cultural properties. Our town has hundreds of refugees from Fukushima Prefecture, and they will be moved to a secondary evacuation stations such as guesthouses, as from this weekend. We had forced them to live in inconvenient places where they had to coexist with up to a hundred people in one hall for a month.

Despite being in such a situation, they didn’t complain or grumble to us and they only showed us their gratitude. Moreover, if they tried to do something about their situation, some thoughtless people moaned that they were acting as though they were refugees. The unfortunate are forced into a corner, and the victims have to hesitate to live freely in trying circumstances. This is also a typical Japanese situation, and I could see it through this disaster.

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