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Yamagata Network's Activity Report & Objective! Part 4

Activities of the Yamagata Network

Published on 2 May 2011

Author(s): Network for Historical Materials

Type:  Blog/Situation report

About our efforts as from April 17th

[The last week’s activity report]

1. On 21th March, we participated in the first rescue activity after the East Japan Earthquake. This activity was carried out together with Fukushima Network for Preserving for Historical Materials. The targets for rescue were the archaeological properties, so we only called the people concerned with archaeology. The participants were 3 members of the secretariat office. The outline of our activity will be reported by the participants.

2. We appealed to the public for 5 participants for the activity to rescue waterlogged documents in Miyagi Prefecture which was to be carried out on 25th April. After 3 days, we got enough applicants, so we closed the appeal list. Simultaneously, we rented a car for transporting the materials from the operation, and bought a large amount of materials for this urgent process. Moreover, we consulted many times with the institutions which would cooperate with us outside of the prefecture.

3. We have started to look for the participants who would carry out the rescue activity in Fukushima Prefecture on 28th April with us. There is no one so far.

4. In order to serve as a PR activity for the Yamagata Network, we have started to establish a team which will make the lantern slide. Mr. Watanabe works as a secretariat officer. We appreciate many of you to feel free to use it, and to advertise our activity for preserving historical materials.

5. We are gathering information from the institutions which are concerned with the cultural properties and the Network for Preserving Historical Materials in each area about their activities, and relaying details to our members from time to time.

[This week’s objective]

1.We will have to carry out our rescue operation without fail. This time the operation will be a test case, so we should keep it in mind.

2. In the rescue operation on April 25th, a lot of old documents will need to be treated with preservatives or something. Therefore we will negotiate how we will play a part in those preservation activities.

3. After participating in the operation, the system which will not let our clerical work or the relay of information be delayed will be required. We plan to establish the reliable system during the Golden Week Holidays.

[The Requests]

1. The activities of the Yamagata Network will be basically carried out as volunteer work, whether it will be in the devastated area or in the places we will support. Therefore, if you plan to participate in our activity, please take suitable insurance for your voluntary work as soon as possible. This kind of insurance should also cover any accidents on the way to the devastation zone.

2. Although the broadcasts about the disasters are calming down, the devastated areas is far from being reconstructed. The request of the rescue operations from the devastated areas will be urgently called for from time to time, so please forgive us sending you our sudden requests. 3. In addition to such urgent requests, we also anticipate that continuous and steady activities will be required. Your anticipated assistance in this matter is also greatly appreciated.

From the blog of the Yamagata Relief Network for Cultural Heritage

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