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Heritage Asia

Multiple layers of culture historically influence Indoneisa

The political economy of cultural heritage

Published on 25 January 2013

Multiple layers of culture historically influence Indoneisa

Published on 20 January 2013

Published on 1 January 2013

Warning over commercialising heritage sites

Analysts say preservation should always come before economic gain

Published on 4 October 2012

Violent attacks were on Buddhist shrines and Monasteries in Bangladesh

Religious heritage of indigeneous population damaged

Published on 20 May 2012

Cultural diversity declaration

Dhaka outcome should be built up on

Published on 11 May 2012

Culture for sustainability

Director General of UNESCO for Diversity of Cultural Expression

Stories to tell about cultural heritage

How differently can cultural heritage be interpreted

Published on 3 May 2012

Asia's architectural treasures in danger of 'vanishing'

Global Heritage Fund report alarming

Published on 22 April 2012

Don't look to UNESCO for salvation

World heritage status would be an empty achievement for Delhi

Published on 5 April 2012

National Heritage: Initiative group forms in Armenia to protect non-material cultural values

?Appropriate Armenian cultural values? prompted the formation of the group

Published on 12 March 2012

Published on 11 March 2012

Published on 21 February 2012

Man Tried for Stealing Palace Museum Artifacts

Man confessed to stealing nine artifacts

Published on 16 February 2012

Published on 10 February 2012

Published on 30 January 2012

Published on 28 January 2012

Published on 21 October 2011

Published on 16 October 2011

Politburo meets to discuss cultural reforms

Directive document on cultural reforms drawn up for CPC Central Committee

Published on 13 September 2011

Towards Creating a Vibrant Contemporary Dance Platform in India

International contemporary dance festival

Published on 25 August 2011

Clearing the air

Mistakes were made

Published on 24 August 2011

Published on 22 August 2011

Locals fight Heritage push for Phra Pathom Chedi

World Heritage status would negatively affect their way of life as well as their livelihoods

Published on 20 August 2011

At Buddha's birthplace

A bizarre project in Nepal

Published on 18 August 2011

Descendants reject 'Rumah Besar Sedomon' as heritage

That is why stakeholder analysis

Published on 12 August 2011

Operation clean-up to retain heritage tag

Hampi Development Authority to "cleanse the temple town

Published on 11 August 2011

Insiders Tell Of Multiple Scandals And Attempted Cover-up In Chinas

Continueing scandals at Beijing's Palace Museum

Published on 25 July 2011

Long road to World Heritage status

Ancient Tea Horse Road candidate for Unesco World Heritage status

Published on 20 July 2011

What happened to the dream of a Buddhist Mecca?

Unclear what stage the proposals are

Published on 19 July 2011

Royal protocols open to the public

Manuscripts returned and exhibited

Published on 17 July 2011

History gets a facelift in Tamil Nadu's city of ruins

Danish National Museum preserves historic Danish Governor's Bungalow

Published on 14 July 2011

Chaos threatens Philippines' cultural treasures

Artefacts prone to deterioration, robbery, vandalism

Published on 20 June 2011

Published on 19 June 2011

UNESCO cultural center opens in Daejeon

Center will build and strengthen networks of bearers, experts and relevant institutes

Published on 16 June 2011

Karnataka minister puts foot in the mouth

UNESCO compared to East Indian Company

Published on 9 June 2011

Published on 5 June 2011

Cultural property law has art world up in arms

New National Cultural Heritage Act sets limits on ownership of works of art

Published on 28 May 2011

Kashmir in Search of Lost Culture

Conflict and culture

Published on 19 May 2011

Cultural relics in danger of commercialization

Preservation under fire after recent theft at a museum in Beijing's Forbidden City

Published on 18 May 2011

Threatened rock carvings of Pakistan

Victim of the construction of the Diamer-Basha Dam

Published on 17 May 2011

A Call for Revolution? Probably a Typo

Forbidden City to overthrow Communist Party?

Published on 13 May 2011

Root culture

National heritage in the Philippines often being overlooked

Published on 10 May 2011

Published on 9 May 2011

Chandigarh wakes up to save lost heritage

Architect items as "precious" junk lying in their backyard

Published on 4 May 2011

SJM ex-director under scanner over artefacts' 'theft'

Antiques disappear by the thousands in Salar Jung Museum in the 1990-ies

Published on 30 April 2011

Published on 13 April 2011

Plea for UNESCO to save Indonesian temples

Ancient Hindu temples need help

Published on 8 April 2011

Ethnology Museum helps to preserve cultural heritage

New museum aims to understand the link between Viet Nam and the Southeast Asia