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Heritage Africa

Ghana Culture Forum to create a platform for cultural activists

Ghana: Culture Gets Louder Voice

Published on 10 May 2012

Ghana Culture Forum to create a platform for cultural activists

Published on 11 April 2012

'Our culture is our treasure'

The arts both the ancient and contemporary, are making waves across the globe.

Published on 31 March 2012

Published on 18 February 2012

Published on 23 January 2012

Published on 25 September 2011

Programme to protect buffer zones of heritage sites begins

Education on properly maintaining buffer zones of heritage sites

Published on 24 September 2011

Published on 21 September 2011

Somali archaeologist makes major discoveries

Somali archaeologist recorded ancient rock art at 100 sites

Published on 18 September 2011

HIFA: Haven of Freedom

Platform where people can express themselves freely

Published on 14 September 2011

Suswam Tasks African Arts Museum Over Central Nigeria

How can the history of Central Nigeria be "unmasked"

Published on 13 September 2011

Zimbabwe's Book Cafe wins top award

Promoting cultural and social development through free speech and artistic expression

Published on 20 August 2011

Published on 18 July 2011

Tanzania tourism minister calls UNESCO World Heritage Committee an insignificant entity

Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism outdid himself

Published on 10 July 2011

A Celebration of African Art in an Urban Setting

Special exhibition created an unusual calm space in an African capital

Lack of Education and Audiences Hobble African Arts Scene

Theo Eshetu was a resident artist in Burkina Faso as part of the Visionary Africa: Art at Work project

Published on 3 July 2011

Kabaka roots for promotion of culture

Understanding cultural diversity is the only key to unity

Published on 12 June 2011

Culture Policy remains the priority of the Ministry of Tourism

Opportunity to engage the culture bureaucrat

Africa's heritage sites under threat

Africa has more than 40 percent of sites on the List of World Heritage in Danger

Published on 29 May 2011

Published on 23 May 2011

NCMM Advocates Repatriation of Stolen Artifacts

Nigeria has already made the request for the repatriation

Published on 20 May 2011

Museum And Memory Culture

The Benin Museum and memory

Published on 10 May 2011

Published on 1 May 2011

Uganda: Why Nation's Museum is Not Transferrable

Demolishing museum building confirmes by ministers

Published on 11 April 2011

Published on 2 April 2011

Rwanda: Genocide Exhibition Kicks Off in Kigali

Commenorating genocide in Rwanda

Why Museum Site Is Commercially Wrong For EA Trade Centre

An excellent investment in a wrong place

Published on 13 March 2011

Uganda court summons AG over museum demolition

NGO's have sought a temporary injunction

Published on 9 March 2011

Demolition of the museum is equal to destroying Ugandans

Another protest against the demolition of Uganda?s only National Museum

Published on 27 February 2011

Published on 15 February 2011

Angola Government for Cuban Aid in Preservation of Historical Archives

International Cooperation between Africa and the Caribbean

Published on 14 February 2011

Please Spare Nation's Only National Museum!

Stop demolition of Uganda National Museum

Published on 13 February 2011

Published on 5 February 2011

'First-aid' needed for 5,000-year-old Somali cave paintings

Sites vital to the understanding of pre-history across the Horn of Africa

Published on 19 January 2011

Who owns African cultural patrimony?

Discussing the Benin mask

Published on 7 January 2011

Queen Idia Mask's sale sets Sotheby's against art world

Auction house sale and the looting by the colonial military

Published on 4 January 2011

Nigeria: Between the Country's Artefacts And Western Iconoclasts

More controversies over return of art objects

Published on 25 December 2010

Published on 10 December 2010

Published on 5 August 2010

Once, Nigeria had 450 unique priceless stones; today, only 119 found

Antiquity traffickers smiling to the bank as FG neglects 2,000-year-old treasures

Published on 13 June 2010

Chief's head returned to Ghana

Well-intended handover ceremony goes wrong

Chief's head returned to Ghana

Well-intended handover ceremony goes wrong

Museums aren't witchcraft sites

Museum is a public institution

UNESCO empowers African museums

Africa prioprity for UNESCO

AFRICOM to implement AU recommandations on culture

International Council of African Museums and African Union co-operation

Published on 3 June 2010

Ancient prayer book returned to Ethiopia

How private collectors can play a role

Published on 21 May 2010

Looking for solutions for North Kivu's vulnerable Pygmies

A traditional culture threatened by conflict

Published on 14 May 2010

Africa's cultural heritage treasure war with Europe

Makonde Mask returned to Tanzania after 25 years

Published on 12 May 2010

African cultural heritage fight with the West fuelled by national identity

Continuing story on African Art and the looting of it

Published on 11 May 2010

Tanzania: 'Cultural Heritage to Be Used More Vigorously'

Sweden enthousiastic over cultural heritage project in Dar-es-Salam

Published on 20 April 2010

In Lagos, 'Benin' spurs looted artefacts' debate

Nigerian exhibition causes much debate on the return of Benin artefacts

Published on 8 March 2010

Mali: when farmers become curators

Samuel Sidibé, director of the Mali?s National Museum explains how cultural heritage and development can work together