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Ministry of Culture Prepares Plans to Revive Nation's Culture

Plans from Sudan

Published on 29 May 2011

Author(s): SUNA/Sayyed Al-Rifaee (translated)

Type:  News 26 April 2011

Culture is an indicator of measuring civilization and daily practices for nations as it casts lights on the traditions , habits, food, drinks, utensils, jewels and war and peace tools.

The Ministry of Culture, which established in accordance with the Republican Decree (22) of the year 2010, has worked out a plan aiming to bolster the cultural , creative and social performance; and to carry out the strategic objective of making culture paying a leading role in the Sudanese life and contributing to the enhancement of the Sudanese Identity.

The most important objectives of the Ministry of Culture in the current year 2011:

  • stabilizing the value of certainty and righteousness in the society;
  • boosting the people's freedom; renewing self-discovering; 
  • caring with the peace culture and resisting the repugnant racial discrimination and the tribal and regional fanaticism and take advantage of the heritage and traditions and habits to stand against the cultural and intellectual invasion coming from overseas to demolish the Sudanese identity.

The Ministry of Culture started carrying out the plan this year by holding a coordinative meeting with the ministries concerned with culture in the states to discuss issues of culture in the country.

The ministry also organized musical festivals in the context of the programme of Khartoum and Omdurman Evenings in preparation for the 10th session of Khartoum International Music Festival. In the arena of children culture to be linked with the religious and ethical values.

The Ministry planned to hold the First Children Creativity Ceremony to display children innovation and talent. The Ministry is engaged in preparation for Khartoum Arabic Poetry Festival, at which a number of Arab and African poets will take part in next June.

The ministry is also engaged in efforts to organize Khartoum International Book Fair in next September. Concerning cultural coordination with the sister and friendly countries, a body concerned with the external cultural relations was established under the title of ‘The Council of the External Cultural Relations’ to coordinate for Sudan Participation in the activities in the sister and friendly countries or through their Embassies in Sudan in addition to the participations of these countries at the Sudanese activities in Sudan and abroad.

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