Programme to protect buffer zones of heritage sites begins

Education on properly maintaining buffer zones of heritage sites

Published on 25 September 2011

Author(s): Ghana News Agency

Type:  News Originally published 9 Sept 2011

A team of Heritage Professionals from Ghana Museums and Monuments Board and UNESCO Cluster Office in Accra have begun a seven-day sensitisation campaign in eight communities in the Western Region to educate stakeholders on the importance of properly maintaining buffer zones of heritage sites within their communities.

Buffer zones are areas created to enhance the protection of a site, often peripheral to it – inside and outside. Within Buffer zones, certain legal or customary restrictions are placed on resource use to reduce the negative impacts on the sites.

A statement issued in Accra explained that the campaign had become necessary because of the oil find and the need to raise awareness of the populace to protect the integrity of their natural and cultural heritage sites.

In addition, it would enhance their sense of ownership and the negative effects of developmental pressures the oil find is likely to provoke.

The team will stress the importance of safeguarding the buffer zones of the heritage sites, as well as historic buildings and the forts listed since 1979 as UNESCO World Heritage sites due to their historic and outstanding universal values.

The campaign sponsored by UNESCO Cluster Office in Accra, will take the team to Beyin, Axim, Princesstown, Akwidaa, Dixcove, Butre, Sekondi and Shama.

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