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Museums aren't witchcraft sites

Published on 13 June 2010

Author(s): AFRICOM News, issue 8 2009-10/Lusaka times-Zambia

Type:  News

Zambia minister says on International Museum Day: Museums are valuable heritage resources not to be assosicated with witchcraft

“MUSEUMS AS PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS where valuable heritage resources are preserved for reference and admiration should not be associated with witchcraft” remarked Mr. Mwansa Mbulakulima, the Provincial Minister of Zambia’s Copperbelt during the celebrations to commemorate the International Museums Day on the 18th of May 2009 in Zambia,

As Zambia commemorated the International Museums Day under the theme “Museums and Tourism” at the Civic Center grounds (Ndola), the Minister explained that this theme highlighted the continuing interaction between tourism and cultures around the world. He added that cultural heritage provides tangible and intangible aspects critical to the sustenance of tourism.

The Minister acknowledged that the tourism industry, which largely contributed to economic empowerment of most of the developing countries over the past five decades, has of late been stagnating owing to the global financial crisis.

During the same function, the Northern Regional Tourism Co-coordinator, Ms. Veronica Milimo, reiterated that museums were social institutions that reflected and conveyed what was
happening in the society. She underscored the need to increase the value of heritage as it defined a base of cultural knowledge of a particular people. She further appealed to the Zambian government to improve the quality and value of museums country wide by providing the required resources.

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