Cardboard for Haiti

Published on 15 May 2010

Author(s): Architects for Peace

Type:  News

In emergencies one can construct a lodging place from just about anything

Shigeru Ban has been in Port-au-Prince building prototype cardboard shelters and has plans to build many for a small community who’ve slipped through the cracks. It’s not his first venture into disaster relief

Ban has been active in disaster relief for many years, and has worked in Rwanda, Kobe, Sri Lanka, Gujarat, Sichuan, and l’Aquila. "I thought it was really important for us to do something for society, not just to build monuments or help developers make money." How does he do it?

Naamloze afbeelding

"From experience, I know I just have to go there, even without any connections, to find out who needs what. Then one thing leads to another."

For an earlier project on his waterproof housing for Haiti see at...

To contribute to Ban’s Haiti project, visit his Website

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