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Haitian culture is Haiti's most important development resource

Published on 17 May 2010

Author(s): HaitiXchange Teledjol Forum

Type:  Opinion

A critical look on the history and the role of culture in Haiti puts the present state it is in into perspective

On the HaitiXchange Teledjol Forum some interesting remarks were made on the development and the role of culture in Haiti. It also refres to three very interesting articles on this subject.

Forum author..."I came across this article that verbalizes what I had been thinking for years. It deals with Haitiís failure, so far, in being able to channel Haitian culture into something progressive as other countries have been able to do. Could it be due to the lack value we place on our own culture? You could say it has something to do with our collective inferiority complex. Weíve been debased for so long, by so many that it might have caused us to reject our our own culture, the good along with the bad. Maybe thereís been a reluctance to innovate or to go against the grain. Even in agriculture, there are some simple solutions I see being provided by some NGOs, that make me wonder what have Haitians been doing all those years. Maybe when our soil was productive and we didnít have to compete with the global market, we were too complacent. Or maybe weíve never thought of ourselves as being able to control nature and instead have let nature control our lives, especially when comparing us to the Chinese and how the were able to control the size of bonsai tree or to the Japanese who bred koi fish until they achieved the most attractive species. Lately, I think Haitians, in general, have started to rely on the outside world to provide them with solutions..."

Mervyn Claxton points out how important culture is as a major source for development. Read more at Haitian culture is Haitiís most important development resource...

Norman Girvan on a IIR/UWI Panel Discussion on Haiti 26 January 2010 makes a strong point claiming that it is a stereotype message to think that only the Haitians themselves are to blame for their poverty. Read more at Solidarity with Haiti...

Sir Hilary Beckels paints the long history of Haiti as an independent state since 1804 and the role of France and the USA played. Read more at The hate and the quake...

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