Haiti mission report Blue Shield

Heritage mission 11-16th April on museums, archives and libraries effected by the earthquake

Published on 3 June 2010

Author(s): Blue Shield & RT

Type:  Report

Blue Shield mission report on the assessment and action plan to safeguard and preserve Haiti's cultural heritage

Blue Shield International sent two experts to Port-au-Prince from 11th to 16th of April to assess the damage on the cultural heritage of Haiti caused by the January earthquake.

Danielle Mincio (IFLA) and Christophe Jacobs (ICA and ANCBS) went to Haiti in order to work with the Haitian colleagues. They collected all the necessary information in order to establish the Blue Shield center for the treatment of damaged cultural heritage goods. This was also the opportunity to complete the assessments made previously, to quantify the affected collections and various types of treatments which will be offered in this center.

The International Blue Shield presents a good plan of action, including deadlines. They communicated and coordinated directly with the local authorities which lack of it was the greatest shortcoming of the first missions. Also, they took the local circumstances into consideration and the general development policies. The first volunteers are believed to depart for Port-au-Prince in mid-June. Measures are taken to ensure the continuation of volunteer aid.

After the first Blue Shield mission last year to assist the German collegues after the collapse of the Cologne City Archives, the Blue Shield organization shows its growing to maturity. A fact that those involved can be very proud of or in French chapeau!

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