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Haiti's children shine a light on their own struggles

Haiti Earthquake: Children's Vox Pops

Published on 2 June 2010

Author(s): Save the Children

Type:  Video

Six children are living in a temporary camp in Leogane. All of them lost friends and family in the disaster. But every day they can forget some of their worries and play with friends at our "espas timoun" (child-friendly space)

Stuart Shahid Bamforth produces films for Save the Children, and has recently been on location in India, Afghanistan and Gaza. He is a BAFTA-winning film-maker with many years' experience running film workshops with children and young people.
The notion of running film-making workshops with children in Leogane, Haiti, initially seemed a crazy idea. Though, recently I ran a similar project with Save the Children in Gaza to mark one year on from the Israeli military offensive - "Operation Cast Lead." Some amazing films were created from that project with first-hand testimony from young Palestinians about what it's like to live under occupation. But the conditions in this port town of Leogane, west of Haiti's capital - no electricity, 90 percent of the population living in tents, massive security issues - the challenge seemed a little trickier.

Nearly five months after the quake, the global news spotlight on Haiti has moved on. So it was exciting to strike up a partnership with ITV News, to help ensure the plight of the Haiti people is not forgotten - more especially the lives of our group of children from Leogane.
ITV reporter Emma Murphy and senior cameraman Dave Harman were in Haiti back in January, and were responsible for many of the harrowing images we still carry with us. However, on this recent project, they reported on the recovery process. They helped our group of children make their own films, find their own voices and tell their own stories about the day the earth shook and changed their live forever.

These series of films document their struggles and try to make sense of it all. They provide insight into how these bright young children can bring some sense of normality back into their troubled lives.

Haiti Earthquake: Meet the Film-Makers
Meet the group of children from Leogane - the epicentre of the earthquake - who are taking part in the film-making project, and documenting their own lives in the following 12 months. Haiti Earthquake: Children's Vox Pops. Each of the children we worked with on the film-making project tell us one thing about how the earthquake affected them.

To watch the stories of six children who are living in a temporary camp in Leogane, Haiti click here. All of them lost friends and family in the disaster. But every day they can forget some of their worries and play with friends at our "espas timoun" (child-friendly space).

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