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Haiti heritage institution publishes after quake

Published on 9 July 2010


Type:  bulletin

Read the latest BULLETIN DE L’ISPAN • No 13 • 1er juin 2010 with amongst others La restauration du Marché Hyppolite a débuté (French)

ISPAN stands for Institut de Sauvegarde du Patrimoine National (The Haitian Institute for the Preservation of the National Heritage) and is the conservation institute in Haiti. For older bulletins nos. 1 till 9 look at the the Embassy of Haiti in Washington DC... For issue no 10 go to

Issues #9 & #10 have been published after the earthquake – with excellent photographs, and, especially in issue #10, valuable commentary and observations. I have taken the trouble to translate some of #9 and all of #10, using Google Translate, and these English Translations. To see the images and consult the original French (as the translations cannot be perfect), please download these issues from the ISPAN download site referenced above. For the English translation of no. 9 go to... and for no. 10 go to... 

For the french editions of no. 11 go to... and for the latest issue no 13 go to...

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