Kumyaka Church for Sale

Heritage for sale

Published on 11 June 2011

Author(s): Lydia Evdoxiadi

Type:  Blog

One of the ancient churches in Kumyaka village of Bursa province of Turkey has been up for sale for 400,000 Turkish liras (U.S. $ 285,000).

A businessman from Istanbul Mete Yalcyn bought the church for recontsruction10 years ago, but the department for monuments’ preservation did not give him relevant permission, CNNturk reports.

Turkey ancient churche in Kumyaka village.jpg
Ancient church in Kumyaka

The head of district Ramiz Batmaz stated they are ready to buy the church, built in 797 for U.S $ 200,000. “The price for the church is too high. We want to purchase it and make a culture centre. We appealed to Greek patriarchate for assistance, but have not yet received an answer,” he noted.

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