Heritage Tunisia

An accident or an indictable offence

Famed Tunisia mausoleum in Sidi Bou Said ravaged by fire thought to be from arson attack

Published on 13 January 2013

An accident or an indictable offence

Published on 28 September 2012

One-Day Tourist

Guided tours in the medina of Tangier for its underprivileged residents

Thoughts on culture in Tunisia

Tunisia is getting out of a quasi-conflict status

Published on 21 September 2012

Published on 8 September 2012

Published on 26 April 2012

Children of Tunis in search of their lost roots

Two days to rediscover monuments, craft workshops, fish markets ...

Published on 7 July 2011

Le réseau Eunic s'installe - Un nouveau partenaire pour la culture

L'accord rassemble le British Council, etc

Une révolution culturelle pour les transitions à venir

La culture innerve le politique, façonne les comportements individuels et collectifs

Rencontre des plasticiens au ministère de la Culture

Débattre des problèmes actuels du secteur

Published on 12 June 2011

Fadhel Jaibi. L'apprentissage de la démocratie

Beaucoup de choses peuvent se passer

Published on 1 June 2011

Révolution tunisienne: «la culture n'a eu aucun rôle»

Cette Révolution est aussi une «humiliation» terrible pour certains intellectuels

Published on 29 May 2011

La culture tunisienne fait sa révolution

Les artistes enfin libres

Published on 27 May 2011

Tunisia protects ancient treasures

Interim Culture Minister announced new measures

Published on 9 May 2011

Tunis museum flourishes after Ben Ali fall

Curator welcomed downfall president

Published on 16 February 2011

Antiquities found in homes of deposed Tunisian president's family

Archaeologists currently survey potential damage to objects

Published on 4 February 2011