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Heritage the Americas

Culture is a tool to combat poverty

Peru's next government should promote culture to combat poverty

Published on 12 June 2011

Culture is a tool to combat poverty

Published on 10 April 2011

Architectural Biennale Chile 2010

XVII Bienal de Arquitectura: 8.8 RE-CONSTRUCCIÓN

Published on 5 April 2011

Rapid Response Facility Supports Post Tsunami Recovery in Galápagos

Materials damaged at the marine conservation centre

Published on 26 February 2011

Published on 21 February 2011

Peru says culture essential to economic development

According to Peruvian President Alan Garcia

Published on 11 February 2011

Yale and Peru Sign Accord on Machu Picchu Artifacts

Yale returns artifacts excavated at Machu Picchu

Published on 8 February 2011

Grassroots Heritage Preservation Efforts Growing

This initiative has emerged from the citizens, for the citizens

Published on 16 December 2010

Machu Picchu, Yale, and the world stage

"In the Wonderland of Peru"

Published on 11 December 2010

Buried in Peru's Desert, Fossils Draw Smugglers

Bone hunters stalk the Ocucaje Desert each day

Published on 7 August 2010

Published on 8 June 2010

New Red List of Cultural Objects at Risk in Central America and Mexico

A ICOM most wanted list of stolen art objects presented in Mexico City

Published on 20 May 2010

Cultural artefacts returned to Peru

600 Pieces made their way home

Published on 19 May 2010

ICOM Red List of Latin-American Cultural Objects at Risk

New emergency - new Red List from ICOM