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Information is the Currency of Democracy

 (Thomas Jefferson)








Culture in Development likes to share its ideas and experiences. Here you will find our publications on cultural heritage, conservation and paperhistory, the first publication going back to 1993.

Next to books & reports and articles you will find interviews in  newspapers, magazines and on the radio.  

Some of our publications are already published on another site for which you will be redirected. Most of the other publications can be downloaded on this site. You will find that most of the publications are  published as 'text -only' , thus without the original illustrations. All the publications on this website are in PDF format. To read PDF files you need Adobe Reader, which you can download from their site

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All our work is free avaible for non-commercial ends. In case you use some of our writings please let us know.

To all our work Creative Commons Licence (NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License) applies. For details see:

Creative Commons License