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Discussing Culture & Crisis

Too much too many

World Heritage sites attacked during war

Published on 13 February 2013

Too much too many

Published on 1 February 2013

Published on 25 January 2013

Published on 16 January 2013

Sifting the Dust for Treasures While Trouble Swirls

Made sure that land mines planted had all been cleared away before digging

Published on 10 January 2013

The Istanbul Statement on Cultural Heritage Protection in Times of Risk 2012

Cultural heritage in parallel with practical humanitarian needs

Published on 8 January 2013

Face 2 Face / Israel & Palestine

Is this humour or....

Published on 11 November 2012

Published on 13 October 2012

Peace Journalism

A growing global debate

Bordering on Treason

Imaging Iraq

Published on 8 October 2012

South Africa: Conflict a Major Threat to African Heritage

Living with world heritage in Africa

Published on 9 May 2012

Abkhazia: Preserving Cultural Heritage

Response to claim of destruction

Published on 8 May 2012

Dealing with the past in post-conflict societies

Fencing-in or framing historical narratives about the past

Published on 2 May 2012

Published on 25 April 2012

Published on 24 April 2012

Inter-cultural dialogue through monasteries in Kosovo

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you (John 14:27)

Published on 23 April 2012

The Freedom Theatre

Amazing story and activity: Promoting understanding through culture

Published on 19 April 2012

Italian museum burns art to protest austerity cuts

Just see how difficult it is to be a museum here with no money

Published on 6 April 2012

Culture under Fire

Director general of Unesco concerned about safety World Hertitage sites

Published on 5 April 2012

Make Films and Circuses Not War: Q&A with Australian War Artist George Gittoes Part 2

Meet again the Australian Artist Turning Taliban Supporters Into Art Lovers

A city shaped by conflict

New tour looks at how Troubles shaped built environment of today?s Belfast

Published on 27 March 2012

Published on 8 March 2012

Make Films and Circuses Not War: Q&A with Australian War Artist George Gittoes Part 1

Meet the Australian Artist Turning Taliban Supporters Into Art Lovers

Published on 5 February 2012

About Liberia '77

Peaceful past destroyed

Published on 4 February 2012

Published on 3 February 2012

Heritage Without Borders

Conserving Turkmenistan & Bosnia's national treasures

TransCulture Balkans

Challenges facing intra- and inter-ethnic relations in the Western Balkans through culture

Published on 25 January 2012

Published on 23 January 2012

Peacebuilding and Bach

Conflict and Classical Music in the Balkans

Published on 8 November 2011

Endangered heritage seen from space

US Geological Survey helps Heritage in Danger

Published on 6 November 2011

Museum collections at serious risk, a new survey by ICCROM and UNESCO shows

Survey with 1490 responses received from 136 countries

Published on 23 October 2011

Published on 21 October 2011

Expert raises dangers of heritage status

If we do a small town, the risk is very high

Published on 19 October 2011

From the President: Eurozone Catch-22

Finanical crisis and cultural heritage

Published on 17 October 2011

Published on 16 October 2011

Foundation says 67 world heritage sites threatened

World Monuments Fund unveils 2012 watch list

NZ buildings on endangered cultural sites list

Gothic Revival buildings included on watch list

Published on 14 October 2011

UNESCO to assess flooded ancient Thai site

UNESCO damage assessment mission to Ayutthaya

Published on 11 October 2011

Unesco extends help to World Heritage sites

Thailand eyes Unesco support

PA rewriting Jewish history

Contested heritage: a continous story

Published on 10 October 2011

Palestinians to push heritage agenda at UNESCO

UNESCO membership carries a message of justice and rights

Published on 5 October 2011

Ayutthaya historical site submerged

Ayutthaya heritage site swamped by 2m of water

Published on 3 October 2011

A heritage in need of protection

Radical political elements continue to pose a threat to World Heritage site

Published on 15 September 2011

Sri Lanka Buddhist monks destroy Muslim shrine

Mosque on land given to Sinhalese Buddhists 2,000 years ago, says monk

Epidemics threaten a million survivors

World Heritage site severely damaged

Published on 11 September 2011

Vigan, city of beauty and how it survived the war

Last vestiges of the historic core of Manila bulldozed away after WO II