Bordering on Treason

Imaging Iraq

Published on 13 October 2012

Author(s): Women Make Movies

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A single mother and small-town photojournalist risks her life, imprisonment and a million dollar fine to cover the war in Iraq.

Now celebrating their 40th anniversary, Women Make Movies continues to achieve international recognition with Academy®, Emmy® and Peabody nominations and awards, as well as at Cannes and Sundance, including this year’s Academy® winner SAVING FACE. Women Make Movies, a non-profit feminist media organization, is the world's largest distributor of films by and about women and our Production Assistance Program helps women get their films on the screen. Contributions for this project are tax-deductible via Women Make Movies and to the extent permitted by law.

Our story

Bordering On Treason tells the extraordinary and inspiring story of Lorna Tychostup, a single mother and photojournalist from New Paltz, NY, who travels to and continually returns to Iraq to put a human face on the past decade's most conspicuous and tragic global crisis. Traveling unprotected, she visits military units and Iraqi families beyond the Green Zone, and evolves from naïve civilian to seasoned journalist, and earns an MS from NYU's Center for Global Affairs.  Lorna’s story and the stories she shares are those we are not shown on our television sets. They illuminate realities of a war often referred to as merely an “occupation,” and bridges the emotional and political disconnect that Americans have experienced and expressed in relation to Iraq.

Since January 2003, this documentary has been a 9-year collective volunteer effort by NY-based filmmakers, who like our subject, passionately wanted to understand the Iraq invasion.  We filmed over 130 hours of footage from the initial invasion through the “end” of the war. Lorna’s story has become a longitudinal retrospective on the war. 

The impact

Given recent events surrounding the end of the war, such as the escalation of violence and rising tensions with Iran, our film is extremely time-sensitive. We are currently working with a multi-award-winning editor, Milton Ginsberg, to streamline our rough cut into a finished product. All funds received from this campaign will go to ensuring that we complete the film while the primary issue it addresses - the war in Iraq - is still relevant and on the radar of the global community.

By supporting Bordering on Treason, you are not only supporting Lorna's work and her message, but also supporting a film made by and about women. 

What we need and what you get

We are asking for $16,000 to reach the finish line!  We are working hard to fine-tune the rough cut, and need your help to polish the edit: to record the score, correct the color, mix the audio, and upgrade to HD. Our intention is to show BORDERING ON TREASON at festivals both nationally and internationally and make it available to you. We have already received a generous grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, which has gotten us to the rough cut stage.  With your help, we can finish the film! 

We have fiscal sponsorship through the amazing organization, Women Make Movies, so ALL donations are tax-deductible! We are also offering signed prints of Lorna's photos in gratitude for your donation. 

The biggest gift you will receive for donating and joining our efforts to share Lorna's message of compassion after a decade of war, is a gift of knowing in your heart that you did something to spread peace and understanding.

Other ways you can help

Of course, there are other ways that you can help us ensure the success of our film.  Like us and share our story on Facebook.  Check out our website.  Spread the word!  Also, if you know of any schools or organizations that would like to hear Lorna speak, don’t hesitate to let us know; soon we hope to incorporate our film with her presentation.

Who we are

Trish Dalton (Director/Producer) is an independent filmmaker whose credits include ONE NIGHT STAND (Director/Producer; Audience Award from NewFest, screened at festivals including Denver, Austin, Miami, and IFFBoston 2011/12); KERAS & MANIS (Editor; Gold Kahuna from Honolulu IFF, Best Editing Award from Los Angeles Reel FF 2010); WHY ARE WE IN AFGHANISTAN? (Producer/Editor; Studs Terkel Award for Media and Journalism 2010); 34x25x36 (Co-Producer; aired on PBS and screened at festivals, including SXSW, Full Frame, and True/False 2008/2009); FARM SANCTUARY (co-producer, co-director, Media that Matters Food Award 2007); and TIFFANY’S STORY (director/producer, Tribeca Film Festival 2005).

Jesse Epstein (Creative Producer) was selected as one of the “25 New Faces of Independent Film” by Filmmaker Magazine, and her film credits include WET DREAMS AND FALSE IMAGES (Short Subject Online Jury Award at Sundance Film Festival); THE GUARANTEE (Best Short Film at Newport International Film Festival); and 34x25x36 (aired on PBS and screened at dozens of festivals in 2008/2009).

San Tong (Associate Producer) tells stories and fine-tunes social networking communications. She currently lives in Los Angeles and works at an advertising agency, while pursuing various writing and documentary projects. Former Visual Director for a Theater Group called Mango Tribe, an APIA women’s theatre production group founded on the belief that collective creation is often the most powerful form of art. San was also a literary manager for the 5th Night Screenplay and Short Film Series at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.


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