World Heritage sites attacked during war

Too much too many

Published on 13 February 2013

Author(s): UNESCO/Irina Bokova

Type:  Multimedia Originally posted 17 Jan 2013

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which have been attacked during wars. We show the Sites before war, and where possible, what they looked after being attacked & how UNESCO has helped to restore them. Culture stands on the frontline of conflicts, deliberately targeted to fuel hatred and block reconciliation. Warlords target culture because it strikes to the heart and because it has powerful media value in an increasingly connected world. Some cultural sites have an outstanding universal value — they belong to all and must be protected by all. Let’s be clear. We are not just talking about stones and building. This is about values, identities and belonging. Destroying culture hurts societies for the long term. It deprives them of collective memory banks as well as precious social and economic assets.

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