UNESCO urges NATO, Gaddafi to protect Libya's cultural heritage

NATO and Gaddafi incited to protect heritage

Published on 15 July 2011

Author(s): The Voice of Russia

Type:  News

UNESCO demands that NATO and the troops that are loyal to Muammar Gaddafi should protect Libya’s cultural heritage despite the ongoing armed conflict in the North African country.

This came in a statement by the UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova in the wake of reports that government troops brought the city of Ghadames, which is on the World Cultural Heritage List, under shelling.

It has also transpired that NATO does not rule out a bombing raid on the ruins of an ancient Phoenician settlement, Leptis Magna, the site of the Gaddafi Army munitions depots.

Libya boasts five sights that are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

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Photo: EPA

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