One-Day Tourist

Guided tours in the medina of Tangier for its underprivileged residents

Published on 28 September 2012

Author(s): Euromed Heritage

Type:  Event

How could you be a one-day tourist in your home town? A tour in the medina of Tangier is offered by the “Siwa & Tangier project: A Heritage for a better life" . The initiative proposes guided tours in the medina of Tangier to discover its history and cultural heritage. The action is designed for the most underprivileged populations of Birchifa suburb of Tangier. Approximately 120 people will participate, divided into six groups. They will be composed of women, young and elderly people selected together with grassroots associations.

Marvelous city built at the junction of two seas, two continents and several civilizations, Tangiers has benefited throughout its existence from land and maritime mobility. Historical and geographical crossroad driven by scientific, cultural, artistic and economic contributions from different civilizations, today’s medina has an important historical legacy to take care of and to preserve, in order to ensure its long-term sustainability.

This heritage will be offered to residents of the city. Groups will visit the medina of Tangier and live for one day like tourists, on the path of tourist itineraries. They will be accompanied by the project leaders and young guides graduated from the International High Institute of Tourism of Tangier (ISITT). The action aims to promote social tourism engrained in the culture and heritage as an instrument of exchanges, inclusion and social cohesion.

The action One-day Tourist is organized under the framework of the project "Siwa & Tangier: A Heritage for a better life", implemented by the Italian NGO COSPE in partnership with the Museum of the Kasbah of Tangier – Ministry of Culture Cultural Heritage Directorate – and the Siwa SCDEC Association in Egypt. The main goal of this project is to preserve and enhance the local cultural heritage both in Morocco and Egypt in a sustainable development perspective. The project is funded by the EU through the Euromed Heritage IV Regional Program.

22-23 September: two groups of women
24-25-26 September: three groups of young men and women
September 27: one group of elderly people

9:30: Arrival in the medina of Tangier by minibus.
10:00: Visit of "Siwa & Tangier" headquarters in the district Dar al Baroud and presentation of the daytime program.
10:30: Visit the most important sites and monuments on "Dar Baroud", "Souk Dakhel" and "Bni Idder." tourist routes
13:30: Lunch at Darna (women community house) in Souk Bara.
15:00: Visit of the Museum of the Kasbah, guided by the Curator of the museum.
16:00: Visit of the most important sites and monuments on "Kasbah", "Oued Aherdane" and "City Walls" tourist routes.
17:00: Gathering at Bab Fahs and departure to the Café el Hafa for the close of the day.
17:30: Back to the minibus.

The International Higher Institute of Tourism of Tangier (ISITT), AREJ Association, TAWASSOUL Association, AL MOWATINA Association, the SOUK BKAR Charitable House.


Duration: from 01/03/2009 to 01/03/2012
Budget: 951.463
Countries involved: Egypt, Italy, Morocco

• To preserve and enhance the local cultural heritage in Morocco and Egypt within a sustainable development framework
• To create effective management tools for sustainable safeguard of the tangible and intangible heritage in Tangier and of the Berber culture in Siwa

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