End Dossier Heritage Chile

Dossier Heritage Chile moved under Heritage the Americas

Published on 13 August 2010

Author(s): CiD/RT

Type:  News

Of late, Chile is still confronted with minor to medium earthquakes of the Chilean coast that less effect the country as the devastating quake on 27 February 2010. It seemed that the country was relatively well prepared and that the consequences were 'nothing' compared to the January 12 2010 quake in Haiti. While in Haiti much of the heritage sector was destroyed in Chile especially the built hertitage was damaged.

One of the lessons learned is the need for training in emergency response, specifically for built heritage. Next, there is a need for better organization and coordination between institutions, and for effective maintenance and preventive policies. An essential issue raised is the importance of construction materials, notably earthen architecture, and their behaviour during seismic movements.

The last message is this dossier is from 14 July 2010 when a quake with a magnitude 6,5 hit the central part of the country. I am sure that for months to come Chile will have to deal with the heritage damage the disaster caused.

However, as hardly any news items on the subject are published I thought the time was ripe to close this dossier as a news column. Nevertheless, the messages will remain published under the new column Heritage the Americas comprising Middle America and Latin America. Any news on the earthquake from 27 February 2010 in the future will be published in this sub-column Dossier Heritage Chile.

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