First inventory on earthquake damage to Chilean heritage

Chilean heritage institutions have been focusing on assessing the damages to cultural heritage

Published on 11 March 2010

Author(s): ICCROM

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Chilean recovery efforts and media coverage on heritage damage after the 27 February earthquake

Since the devastating earthquake on 27 February, Chilean heritage institutions have been focusing on assessing the damages to cultural heritage. Once more information will be gathered, there will be a request for international support to help them face the many challenges ahead. Our Chilean colleagues are demonstrating strength and organization in such a difficult moment and ICCROM commends their efforts.

As we become aware of them, we are listing institutions that are mobilizing efforts and raising funds to this end. Please check back frequently.
Chilean recovery efforts
• Chile 2010: Blue Shield 
        Blue Shield solidarity on Facebook.
• ICOMOS Chile has created an interactive map for the World Heritage City of Valparaiso, in order to locate damaged buildings.
• Asociación Gremial de Conservadores Restauradores 
        The Association of Chilean conservator-restorers.
• Colegio de Bibliotecarios 
        Chilean association of librarians.
• Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile 
        Chilean association of architects.

Media coverage
• 3 March. Terracotta Warriors Safe after Chile Earthquake 
    CRIEnglish, China 
    Chinese relics, including some of the famed terracotta warriors, on display in Chile since December have survived the quake that rocked the South American country on Feb. 27.
•3 March. Documenting the Damage in Chile 
    New York Times, United States 
    An 8.8-magnitude quake struck Chile early Saturday morning, shaking the capital of Santiago, bringing down buildings and setting off tsunami warnings along the Pacific rim. 
    New York Times readers are sharing their photographs of the quake’s aftermath, and are invited to submit photos.
•1 March. Trabajos Voluntarios en el Barrio Yungay tras terremoto 
    Medio a Medio, Chile 
    Informate y úneta estos Trabajos Voluntarios en el Barrio Yungay.
•1 March. Destruction at Museum of Contemporary Art 
    CNN, United States 
    These images were taken on the third day after the quake in front of the MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art - here in central Santiago.
•1 March. Damage feared at Chile’s Valparaiso 
    The extent of the damage to Chile’s cultural heritage has not yet been established as efforts concentrate on humanitarian relief in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.
•1 March. Patrimonio cultural e histórico de Santiago severamente dañado 
    Letralia, Venezuela 
    Entre los edificios patrimoniales más afectados en Santiago de Chile por el terremoto de este sábado 27 de febrero, se encuentran la Biblioteca Nacional, Recoleta Dominica, 
    las dos sedes del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MAC) —en Parque Forestal y Quinta Normal—, el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (MNBA), el Museo Histórico Nacional, el 
    Museo de la Educación Gabriela Mistral y el edificio de Herrera, donde funciona desde 2009 el Registro de Propiedad Intelectual.

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