Syrian revolution one stitch at a time

Knitting protest

Published on 10 May 2012

Author(s): Jeruzalem Post/Reuetrs

Type:  Video Originally published 3 April 2012

Activists defy the Syrian government by making banners, placards and uniforms to support the anti-government movement.

Activists in a village near Homs are helping Syrian rebels by sewing military uniforms and rebel flags.

Some have faced their own losses during protests against President Bashar Assad.

"My brother is injured and I will keep on working and participate in the protests and with the Free Syrian Army to get rid of this corrupt regime, and we will not fall back and will not kneel or surrender," says one woman.

They are left with few choices.

"We expect that they will bomb us anytime and will destroy our houses, but we are not frightened and will not leave our houses, because we have no where else to go to," another woman adds.

They fear once Assad's forces clear rebel strongholds in Homs they will be next. One soldier from the opposition Free Syria army offers assurances.

A Free Syria Army soldier says, "Homs will not fall, as long as there is a soul and a drop of blood in it, we will continue fighting, we will stay in our path until we get rid of the regime."

The UN says Syrian forces have killed more than 7,500 civilians since the uprising began last March

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